Featuring 2 DIVAs this Women's day 2020: Dipika Trehan and Jaya Srimurugan


Everything for Women: Few words from Dipika Trehan

“Be ready to fall in love again, this time with yourself.”
This has been the unanimous response Dipika Trehan, the Founder of the H.O.W. (Health Of Women) Forum, has received from women who attend her workshops. Not just that – but also what I felt personally when I got into a call to interview her! Wow, what a stream of energy that she had – she said she is a mother of 2, who worked as an HR and Training and Development professional at GE Capitals and American Express before starting her journey as an entrepreneur to reach what she is today.
The story behind H.O.W….
After delivering her second child, Dipika weighed 94 kg. While the joy of motherhood knew
no bounds, the nagging thought of “self-identity” was always on her mind. Despite suffering from hypothyroidism and PCOD and post-partum depression, she began her journey towards wellness which became the inspiration for foundation of the H.O.W. Forum. With sheer determination and hard work, Dipika knocked off 30 kg in 36 months. During …

Change for mothers and Mother Earth!!!

Jaya, is an IIT-IIM graduate and a mother of two beautiful boys. She is also an environment enthusiast and a minimalist. She firmly believes that we don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, rather we are borrowing it from our children. So, let's make an effort to minimize our impact on Planet Earth.

This is what motivated Jaya to get into this business of a kind!
When Jaya become a mother, she always wanted the best for her son and as any new age parents, that meant the most premium disposable diaper for her baby. Her son was a frequent pooper and he easily required 10-15 diapers a day, and soon they found themselves buying a dustbin just to store diapers. One day she noticed all the excess garbage she was creating but could not think of an alternative Not just that, despite these frequent changes her son got diaper rash. She tried using nappies, but changing them every time was cumbersome, not to mention wet clothes, bedspreads and blankets. That's when she got to know a…

Everything Design!

“Think. Articulate. Sketch. Design. Iterate. Repeat.”
Doing the above from 2003, Karthi Subbaraman is kicked about business transformation using design strategy and execution. She believes visible HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) is directly proportional to the growth of technology.
Interestingly, “this” interview happened during her travel during the to and fro airports as she was travelling across cities to conduct workshops in the weekends 😊. As an interviewer, I was amazed at the energy and passion for sharing her thoughts about design, the drive to elevate women, intent to promote women in her own way!
Like every kid in South India, Karthi also did her Engineering in Electronics and Communications from prestigious CIT (Coimbatore Institute of Technology). Continuing engineering, like all engineers Karthi also got placed in a software services firm (then Satyam Computer Services now Tech Mahindra) as a C++ programmer. Things changed when she was thrown as a software engineer for a d…

ECO Kitchen: The Journey of Sethu and her team!!!

About yourself Sethulakshmi (a.k.a.Sethu) is a trained ethnographer, involved with communities that are vulnerable for HIV, for the past 20 years. She has extensive experience in engaging, educating and linking communities to the much-needed health care research and for their own health care needs. Her work has transformed over this period to focus on, gender issues, urban poverty, issues around fragmented education of children in urban slums, livelihoods and sustainability, economic opportunities for women and being part of a team as supervisor that focuses on sustainability of a large organization currently driven primarily on donor funding. She manages over 20 direct reports and 950 volunteers. 
Briefly, she is a positive thinker and a consensus builder! About ECO-KITCHEN ! The YRG Foundation has over the last two decades built rapport with most communities that are presently in need, and its work on health literacy, urban asset building and food security has helped build an excelle…

Saranya: THIRD-EYE Center for Autism

Tell something about yourself…. "Saranya, from Pollachi, a small town in Coimbatore. I belong to an orthodox family and I was married at 18. Then I moved abroad after doing my MBA and worked as a technical recruiter in a consulting firm. I worked in London for 2 years. Currently I take care of “Sharanalayam” as a Secretary."
I am also an American board certified associate behavior analyst (BCABA). 
Movement out of corporate to where you are placed now..tell us about how you landed here? "One fine day we decided to leave our jobs and move back to India to stay with my parents inside Sharanalayam campus. The main reason was to support my mom to run this. However, my husband who was into hospitality business started a restaurant in Pollachi."
About Sharanalayam Sharanalayam was started in 2000 by my mother Vanitha Rengaraj in a rental building and presently sits in a 3-acre campus and 200 inmates:
Sharanalayam Dhaya: A Home for the Orphans, Street Children, Children of CSW’s …

Chocolaty start to a Sweet New Year: Meet Ujwala


Let's start this new year with a sweet....and thus we are interviewing UJWALA from DILETTO CHOCOLATES :)
What led you to a food start up? I have always been really passionate about cooking as it gives me a lot of pleasure and in a way helps my creativity take shape. It was at a chance event when a close friend needed chocolates for her party that I decided to try making them. As my work got appreciated and grew with regular orders, I decided to give up my 15-year-old job and started Diletto.
Leaving a job! How did you make up your mind? It wasn’t easy quitting a full time job and starting a business about which I didn't know much. But, the support of my family and close friends helped me pass through this phase and gave me the confidence necessary to make a name for my brand. It was an uphill task to source good quality ingredients keeping the final cost of product in mind, experiment with new recipes and market my brand especially to the cor…