A Software Engineer, Sports person, guitarist...List Goes on..

By Renuka - Software Engineer

The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.
                                                                                                -       Jennifer Love Hewitt

I would like to thank God for what I am today. If I have to look back and check myself I don’t have anything to regret about. You might be wondering on what I am talking about. Hopefully by the end of this article you should be able to get the point I am trying to make.Well my name is Renuka and I am a software engineer by profession. When I was asked to write an article nothing struck me for few days. But as I gave some time for this, I thought I would write few things that encouraged me.
I don’t know how I developed this great interest in sports. I still remember those old days of my school. Right from third grade, I had started playing badminton. Then I Slowly tried exploring other sports like throwball and volleyball. Thanks to my cousin who lighted this spark inside of me. As a child I used to quickly finish my homework and always make best use of play time :) But little did I know that I had something more to add to my life. It was in eighth grade that cricket attracted me. Everyone talking about world cup drew my attention and slowly fell in love with this game. Ever since then till now I continue to play cricket. Wherever I have been, be it my college or my workplace, I have always got this special attention (simply because Girls hardly play cricket ;)) Things went well. I represented college and also played one tournament for state. I have got few opportunities to even play for guy’s team and make a significant contribution in the tournaments J

After I started my career in SAP, I got to do much more. I started playing football, recently finished a 10K run, play guitar and sing for some events. The reason I had to talk about myself all this while was to set the context right. If only I was scared to do what I wanted to, If only I thought I cannot play cricket just because I am a girl, if only I thought I cannot cook etc. I don’t think I would have been successful in learning a lot of things and stay happy.  I cannot
imagine my life without sports now. The days I feel hectic it’s the sports and music that just pulls me up. It continues to give me the strength to face a new day.

For you girls it could be singing or drawing or cooking. I don’t know. Everyone has their own interests. Life is beautiful when surrounded by things we love.  All I wanted to say is life is too short. You will have to do what you love. There can be many so many questions that can stop you. You might think you are too old to start a new thing or pick up a new hobby. You might think people might criticize you. You might think you cannot make time. The reasons can be endless.
What we all have to remember is if we continue to make excuses we will never live the life that we wanted. There would be one day you would get sick and tired of everything and start regretting.
My dear friends take this moment to check yourselves. Note down the things that you really wanted to do. If it is feasible to do you still have time. Start investing time and give your best in that. You will soon see yourself being a different person.

If we don’t wake up now. Our dreams will always remain as dreams. We will never accomplish things that we wanted.



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