Do it yourself - handmade Earrings

By Sathya

Sathya Thangavel is a mom of two kids and a part time art and craft trainer. She loves to learn, try and work on different crafts. She started crafts on interest, when time passed on she started taking orders and do as a business. Currently her fingers are onto Quilling and Quilled products (jewelries, name plates), warli paintings, coffee paintings, Reverse Tanjore Glass paintings, Beaded jewelries and etc.

Her husband suggested me to start a facebook page where I can exhibit all my work. That’s how Sathyacraft was started ().

From there they are now extending the journey to a website, . There she is selling her own products and planning to give opportunity for other crafters who want to
sell their products. Mail id:-

Here she goes: I just thought of sharing a tutorial with you ladies…I am so glad.

Quilled Jhumkas: Materials Required: 4mm or 5 mm quilling strips, Quilling slotted tool or Tooth  pick, White gum, Earring hooks and Eye pins. Instructions: Jhumkas can be done with or without the quilling tool.

Step 1: Choose the colour of the strips you want. Even you can choose two different colors also. For medium size jhumka , use 3 strips of 21 inch length.

Step 2:  Make a tight coil using the tool or tooth pick. 

Step 3: Using your index finger and thumb, shape it to the jhumka as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Now coat a layer of glue inside and outside the jhumka and allow it  to dry. Now you can connect the ear hooks to the eye pin as shown in next step.

Step 5: Insert the Eyepins through the jhumka from bottom and bend it to a half loop using the nose plier. Now insert the ear hook through the loop and bend the eyepin to make a full loop.

Step 6: Now coat with varnish to make it water resistant and glossy. And allow it to dry. Now you can decorate your jhumka as you wish. 

If you have any doubt or for further contact, email me at 


  1. Amazing & ease to make, I would definitely try to make them this weekend & let you know about it.
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