Science and Signs of Emotions

"Maa, Can I talk to you, will you listen to me ?"

Emotional Neglect is a serious trauma for a growing child to grown up and to the grown old people. It’s happening everywhere we see, we read, seldom do we think, rare that we act. It’s time to act, it’s time that we looked in to our emotions.

To look in to the SCIENCE AND SIGNS OF EMOTIONS, It may be because we neglect our own emotions in the rat race of managing our life. OUR NEGLECTED EMOTIONS may also be a reason as it might affect the (WHO) definition of HEALTH: The physical, emotional and social well-being.
Physiological - leads to physical neglect leads to illness, diabetes, hypertension, skin ailment, obesity and endocrine problems.... PHYSICAL imbalance
Emotional - when neglected causes depression, rage, and disharmony, loneliness leads to MENTAL imbalance.
Such emotions leads to social disconnect, being lonely in a crowd, disconnected in a group, breaking of families, breaking a society with child sex abuse, divorce, crime thus SOCIAL complications.

Statistics show that about 53% children face sexual abuse and we think of being aware of the issue while we are actually not.
These were some of the information that was shared by the ‘Srishti’ team while they were at our office. I care to be a responsible
citizen. I care to be a responsible parent. All who stand beside me and with me will also be Responsible.

As you read this, I can assure, you will hear a voice from within to change. Don’t let go of it ! Hold on! Hold on! Till you really make a change. It was horrifying to listen to the stories of suppression- an emotion that is not really heard off or addressed; something that we hold back or put an end to. So I decided to attend the workshop by Srishti. Attending this workshop was the most memorable and fantabulous experience I must say. There were atleast 100+ people in the workshop. It was an eye opener on how to keep my child safe. A challenge to protect every child they know is done and said in the easiest way.

The workshop started with introduction to brain sciences where the concepts of different parts of the brain were explained. Thus the SCIENCE of emotions was installed into the audience. I learnt that with proper coordination between the intellectual and emotional parts, wonderful results can be achieved not only personally, but also interpersonally. Just by connecting to the emotions of others/your children, the other person’s emotions become yours. From then on, you stop to just interact with the person’s intellect, but also their emotions.

One more interesting that we realized was most of the times, we forget to appreciate ourselves, but lot of times we find reasons to appreciate all around us. But the fact is we need to appreciate ourselves and relish whatever we have.

The SIGNS of emotions tell more on what each one had to confess. Each and every concept of emotions was explained with some known movie clips, so that the audience can grasp the context in an easy way. The essence in overall was connectivity, responsibility and accountability in each and every individual.

Finally came up the topic on Child sex abuse and how each and every individual should act responsibly to prevent the same. It was even more shocking to listen that even boys are subject to more sex abuse that would affect their future completely, including their academics.

It gave me a completely new insight to see life in a totally different direction. Heartfelt thanks to the Srishti team for making this

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