Morning cup of tea....

Dedicated to all women whose lives keeps turning around and round....

1.            Trriinngg….trriingg…..trriinngg……….wha?! was 5.30AM on a cold winter morning!! I was woken up by the nerve wracking sound of my alarm bell. I got up with a start thinking maybe the college bus would go as usual leaving me in my dreamland. But to my surprise, the alarm switched off as suddenly as it started. Groggy though I was, I became aware that this was no college bed I was lying on! The ambience was different, I was on a cozy bed unlike my hostel room and when I turned over I found myself lying next to a stranger! It then dawned on me that I am no more a carefree college girl but the wife of a uniformed soldier for the past one week!  
2.            As I was dwelling over my thoughts and turning over, I saw my dear new found hubby don his white T- shirt and shorts and before I could realize what was happening….a peck on the cheek and he was gone. Bleary eyed, I sleepwalked the aisle to the door, latched it and promptly went back to sleep on the couch in the living room itself.
3.            After what felt like a a nanosecond only, my overpowering slumber was again jarred by the ringing of the doorbell. Cursing under my breath, I opened the door to find my dear Mr. Sweetheart….all sweaty and stinky…..standing at the door and giving me an impish smile.
4.            “What”? I said. He just pointed at the aging wall clock by the side of the dining table and walked in. The clock read 6.55 AM!
5.            Hey babes….had a good sleep?! He asked. “I will if you allow me to”. I cooed. “Wait on I’ll make you a lovely cup of assam tea”, he said and went into the kitchen. I on my part promptly collapsed into the couch back in dreamland. Like a doting husband he served me tea till I actually woke up. I cleared my thoughts just to realize that I am actually married to a man in the olive green! The realization jolted me upright!..wha..what about my days of getting up at around lunchtime?…what about lazing around on bed all day long? all seemed sooo distant. Where were the days when I could sit and watch and pamper my long shiny nails endlessly….oh my God….is this what life would be?!
6.            As time passed by my morning tea routine continued till I delivered our first baby..I was quite liking it and was getting used to it by now. The remaining part of the army life like the AWWA, the family welfares, the ladies meets…..was all getting embedded into my system…but it was the morning tea routine and the pampering by my  husband that I was liking the most. My hubby would indulge me, pamper me spoil me …but never would he allow me to sleep beyond 5.30 AM. Then, one lovely crystal clear summer day my son arrived. There was thrill in the air, My sweetheart went overboard with gifts and support for the little one. A small ouch from me would bring him scampering to fuss over me and the little fellow. It was good.
7.            As days chugged along, the baby would not sleep at night, me and my husband started having sleepless nights, we became sort of distant, the morning tea routine became erratic, he started arguing more & more, we would quarrel as to who should make the morning tea. He would say..”I was always served bed tea by my helper for 10 years before you came along.” My hubby was becoming a stranger. It really hurt. He wouldn’t realize the importance of sleep in motherhood. All he wanted was his morning tea…that “Army Spoilt #@-battle hardened- #@$Overgrown BABY”! Things continued like this till one fine morning, disgusted with me, the little one and his uniform, he decided to give up the morning tea routine. My little one would stare at his papa with moist large eyes unable to understand what’s going on. He just stopped making the morning tea.
8.            It was around this time that my little son decided to change his routine and become an early riser. He would start wailing at 5.30 AM. My husband ..that sincere army officer…would don his PT rig and comfortably sneak out of the house with a smirk on his face. He would come back leisurely saying “Oh honey, (I could see the sarcasm drip) I stopped by the mess on the way back, no tea required for me.” He would wash up get dressed in his polished OGs and calmly walk out of the house.
9.            I would be cranky and frustrated all day long. I would fret and fume on the servant, the little baby and all around for no fault of theirs. Slowly, ii realized that I was actually missing the morning tea and the tea routine! Oh how could I get those days back with my dear hubby fussing all over me. I sat down to think. I realized that I was getting up every day at 5.30 AM anyway to get the children ready and all that (my second son had also come along by then)…but I was doing all that with a perpetual frown on my face! I just could not afford to sleep late being the mother of two little brats!
10.         So, I decided for a routine makeover (a la image makeover). Now, I get up at 5.15 AM make tea for both of us, before he leaves for PT. Get the kids ready to school, pack their breakfast and leave for my office ( I am a working lady now)! And what do I get in return……My doting hubby is back, my little brats smile when they are with me and I get undiluted and undisturbed sleep of 02 hrs in the afternoon!!
11.         10 yrs and two kids into our marriage, the morning tea has been witness to many a milestone in our lives. It has been the topic of argument, a sign of caring, a method of relaxation, a pathway to contentment. Though the little cup is oblivious to its surroundings it has played a major role in each and every uniformed persons’ life and the people associated with it. Now when I get up even before the alarm bell rings to make tea for both of us and sit on the porch to listen to the lovely chirping of the birds and the cool, caring morning breeze, and the oneness with nature in company of my life partner, I wish I could have enjoyed the cup more in my early days when I had no responsibility or care in the world. Need I say more........……..A small morning cup of tea made all the difference!



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