Yeshaswini Prakash: Artist @ Colours in Chaos

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 
Look who we have found - an artist - Yeshaswini!! She is an Information Science graduate, currently
working for an MNC. She is also a self-taught wanna-be artist. In her current role in life, she has showed that if you have passion, nothing is impossible. Passion and profession can go hand-in-hand and you can still be successful in both!

Here is what she has shared with us. 
What motivated you to get into crafts/become an artist of a kind?

Drawing and crafting have always been my hobby since childhood. I used a spend a lot of my time in sketching/painting.

About a year back I decided to take this hobby to the next level. Felt the need to explore the world of crafting. I was fascinated by Mixed Media Art and started learning the techniques by watching video tutorials. Once I started making my own creations using these techniques, there was no turning back. Since then I have been working continuously to create art.  

Your experiences from "Colors in Chaos"? And how you got associated with Itsy-bitsy.

'Colours in Chaos’ is my little venture. I have been showcasing my works using this platform. I have a facebook page and a little blog through which I’m able to reach out to people. Using this platform, I have been able to sell close to 50 artworks so far.

Itsy Bitsy is India’s biggest craft-store. I have been using their wonderful products for most of my artworks. They have a unique way of encouraging and appreciating talented crafters using the ‘Crafter in Spotlight’ award. I was showcased as their first ‘Crafter in Spotlight’ in June 2016. 

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From a completely technical background, and to crafts: how has the journey been? How do you enjoy it?

Like I said earlier, drawing and crafting has always been my interest. Both my profession and hobby have always got equal importance. You can say I’m a techie by profession and crafts person by choice.

Secret to your success?

My determination to not give up is behind my success. Crafting is a blooming industry. You need to work hard and be creative. Sometimes you may not get the proper encouragement- this might discourage you. But no matter what happens, I’m determined to never give-up.

What would you like to tell people like you - who work and still want to do something they are passionate about?

I would like to tell them to never give-up. If you are passionate about doing something, then pursue it. You don’t have to give up your full-time job for it. Just adjust your daily routine to make sure you give some time to work on something you are passionate about.

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