One more Crafts-person in the spotlight....

Soumya is a Fashion Designer and MBA in HR by qualification and has a work experience of 9 yrs as a HR.
Blessed with 2 lovely kids,  her elder son Gandharv being a child artist, who loves Drawing and enjoys Clay Modelling and a younger daughter is just completing 3 months. 

Sosha creations is in to handmade gifting which will help the loved ones to express their emotions through customized gifting solutions. Now, they have more than 100+ options and  are planning to have 500+ options in next 3-6 months. 

Sosha Creations caters to huge amount of personalised gifting options. We started with just one simple product and now we have more than 100+ products. Our specialisation lies in handmade cards, scrapbooks, lamps, bean bags, photo frames etc. 

We asked for her motivation factor and she said: "I was very creative since school days and keenly interested in learning new creative things. My paternal aunt Indira who is my Father's elder sister discovered my talent first and encouraged me financially to pursue my interest.
I always had a strong inclination towards creativity which finally became my inspiration for me to resign from my corporate career and take a step ahead towards my passion."

Your experiences from "Sosha"? 

"Experience with Sosha Creations has been really good, though we started in November 2015, in less than a year we have more than 3000+ clients and 93000+ followers on facebook.

Today, people love to be different and ready to spend decent sum for gifting. The overall mindset has changed towards this field and that has created an ocean of an opportunity turning it into a 'million dollar' business model."

How has the journey been? How do you enjoy it?

"Journey so far is really joyful and enjoy my work.  When it started, it was more like a hobby than a serious business idea, but after seeing such amazing response, it has now become a full-fledged business in its own right. Artistic talent is a god's gift which will not be gifted to all at least not in the same proportion.  I feel myself very lucky to be one of those gifted ones and for me my craft is like my worship. Many people take it as a hobby as it was for me too initially as I said, but getting paid for what we love doing is a great feeling too

Art is like an ocean and once you start swimming you can't stop. And, the ones who love to do it will never feel any pain or tiredness. The moment I experiment and succeed in one, I will be enthused to discover the other one. So, you see, each day is a new learning for me."

The secret behind your success....

"My family has been great support through out. My mother has relieved me from kids responsibilities and my husband has been my best Critic always.

My Success Credit should go to my Brother Sree Harsha, who not only helped me to believe in my talent but also helped me to reach out more people through his Marketing skills."

At the end of the interview, Soumya says - "I would tell people that you should always follow your dreams and be ready to face challenges to achieve it. There will be hurdles but don't lose hope. Believe in yourself and chase your dreams."

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