Change for mothers and Mother Earth!!!

Jaya, is an IIT-IIM graduate and a mother of two beautiful boys. She is also an environment enthusiast and a minimalist. She firmly believes that we don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, rather we are borrowing it from our children. So, let's make an effort to minimize our impact on Planet Earth.

This is what motivated Jaya to get into this business of a kind!

When Jaya become a mother, she always wanted the best for her son and as any new age parents, that meant the most premium disposable diaper for her baby. Her son was a frequent pooper and he easily required 10-15 diapers a day, and soon they found themselves buying a dustbin just to store diapers. One day she noticed all the excess garbage she was creating but could not think of an alternative Not just that, despite these frequent changes her son got diaper rash. She tried using nappies, but changing them every time was cumbersome, not to mention wet clothes, bedspreads and blankets. That's when she got to know about Modern Cloth Diapers from her friend and she could not even believe that such a thing existed. Dry-feel, leak-proof diapers that are safe for baby’s skin and can be washed and reused. She loved them so much that she didn’t just move to cloth diapers but also tried to spread awareness about cloth diapers - and hence Tushions was born.

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Learnings from TUSHIONS? 

- Customer Support is Everything: For a product like cloth diapers, which is quite a new concept to new parents, it is very important to provide good customer support and help them before as well as after sales
- Best Advertising is FREE advertising: Your customers are your best brand ambassadors and no matter how much you spend on advertising, nothing is better than a good word from a Happy Customers
- India has wide manpower but very little skilled manpower

Corporate to Business: how has the journey been? How do you enjoy it?

The journey has been quite exciting as well as a bit unnerving at times. Initially when I started, I was handling customer support, logistics everything. I remember staying up from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. at night answering customer queries, because that's when most of my customers (fellow moms), had free time to surf and know more about the products.

Behind the scenes of Success!

As cliched as it may seem, my MIL and husband are the ones behind my success. Had it not been for my MIL, Tushions would have never started. She forced me to take the plunge and rest is history. She is also my partner in the company. My husband is my sounding board and my advisor, though he does not have an active role in Tushions, whenever I hit a roadblock or want to brainstorm, I go to him to seek advice or just to resonate my thoughts.

What would you like to tell people like you/women - who work and still want to do something they are passionate about?

You can start small, but even if you don't invest much money in the initiative, please invest your heart and soul in it. That's the only way to succeed. Also, if you are in two minds, then you will not be able to focus on either your job or your start-up, so if you have the support system, take the plunge and get started. The Best time to start something is NOW!!!


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