Everything for Women: Few words from Dipika Trehan

“Be ready to fall in love again, this time with yourself.”
This has been the unanimous response Dipika Trehan, the Founder of the H.O.W. (Health Of Women) Forum, has received from women who attend her workshops. Not just that – but also what I felt personally when I got into a call to interview her! Wow, what a stream of energy that she had – she said she is a mother of 2, who worked as an HR and Training and Development professional at GE Capitals and American Express before starting her journey as an entrepreneur to reach what she is today.

The story behind H.O.W….

After delivering her second child, Dipika weighed 94 kg. While the joy of motherhood knew
no bounds, the nagging thought of “self-identity” was always on her mind. Despite suffering from hypothyroidism and PCOD and post-partum depression, she began her journey towards wellness which became the inspiration for foundation of the H.O.W. Forum.
With sheer determination and hard work, Dipika knocked off 30 kg in 36 months. During this period she came to realise that there is much more to well being than just weight loss. 
“The best project you will ever work on is YOU!”
This led her to create a platform for women that enabled holistic wellness of women and encouraged them to put themselves on their own priority list.

The H.O.W. Forum wants women to not only achieve physical fitness but also emotional wellbeing. As a working mother, she encourages women to take time out for a workout (walk/run/dance/yoga/Pilates etc.), make informed food choices, stay hydrated, and give themselves a pep talk whenever needed.

What H.O.W offers….
Dipika’s primary goal is to offer a wide variety of holistic well being workshops that cater to the needs of women and custom made to uniquely suit individual corporate requirement. Amazon, Unilever, Capgemini, MindTree, Syngene, and Mphasis are some of the many reputed organizations that have enlisted the services of the H.O.W. Forum. The yoga at work, wellness seminars, self-awareness and stress management, women empowerment programmes, Diversity & Inclusion interventions and self-development sessions are the most popular ones.

Corporate Diva….
The H.O.W. Forum today has four verticals; Employee well being, women empowerment, women safety and early stage entrepreneur development. Corporate Diva is a flagship programme by the forum, which represents the empowerment vertical of the organisation.
Corporate Diva is a flagship program on empowering women at work and 2020 marks the 5th Anniversary of this not for profit, impact-oriented program.

As 5 years unfold, Corporate Diva has evolved to be something magical! It's where credible women at work come together to embark on a self-growth journey, where they Invest in their own development, where they learn the nuances of leadership from stalwarts, where life journeys are shared and hands on life enrichment is soaked in,  where we establish lasting bonds, where we cheer, where we stand tall as examples for our next generation, where we celebrate milestones, where we gain confidence in acceptance of our vulnerable selves, where we let go our fear of judgments, and most importantly Corporate Diva is where we experience the impact and pave a path to pay it forward.
Currently a 2 day realization and activation program for women at work with presence in 3 cities (Mumbai Launch scheduled for May 2020). However, the bigger picture involves, the program reaching to at least 12 cities PAN India, with a CDx version (customized version for organisations) and a women leadership academy, offering 3 month/6 month/12 month intense program. 
“Learning, developing, collaborating, bonding, competing yet celebrating, achieving, sharing, empowering year on year…that’s our Corporate Diva”

Her latest achievements….
ET Now Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader, 2020
Awarded a 4 week Scholarship to Haifa by the ministry of Israel for MASHAV : Innovation in Women's Health
Awarded as Iconic Woman by Women Economic Forum
Applauded in person by Ms.Cherie Blair for her work in the Empowerment and Corporate Well-being sector

What Dipika has to share with other women….
 “What’s really important is the way one feels about oneself. Self-acceptance and loving oneself leads to a feeling of self-worth and a disciplined lifestyle, translating into women positively impacting their ecosystem!”

Her philosophy in life is the “WiP until RiP”!!!


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